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Posted: 26/01/2015

Due to an outage which killed our web server we have had to restart the round of voting for Project Grow. This round of voting will last from Tuesday 27th of January till Friday 27th of February.

Posted: 18/01/2015

First of I would like to welcome you back to Ratimé We have taken our time to restore the sites and add even more features. If this is your first time to our site then we would like to welcome you to our new home, if you are a returning fan then welcome back.

Posted: 16/01/2015

Due to a new and bigger round of Number 1 Fan coming in February we have mad a call to end this round today as there have been a few issues with scoring during this round with some people not showing up on the ladder meaning I have to go through every single post and calculate all points manually

Upcoming Events

Have you got your amiibo? Do you want to have some fun? Well this is the event for you. On March 21st 2015 Ratimé will be hosting a Super Smash Bros.

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