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There has been a decision to close our Plamo offering due to not being able to maintain so much at this time. If you are looking for a great community then we suggest you head over to Gundum Club Australia. They are the ones who are taking over from Ratimé Plamo unoffically. 

Thanks for your understanding. 

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014 - 04:05

Project Grow's voting has been extended till Christmas Eve (December 24th 2014) and the seed that wins the vote will be sowed on Boxing Day (December 26th 2014). This is to allow more people to vote on the seed they would like to win.  So head over to the Project Grow website and place your vote now.

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Sunday, November 30, 2014 - 05:08

Current Competitions

Number 1 Fan


The Number 1 Fan competition is back and starts on December 1st over on our Facebook page. All you need to do to get involved is to like, comment, share and post to the page to gain points and at the end of the month the fan with the biggest score will be crowned December 2014's Number 1 Fan.

Event Dates:
Start: Monday, December 1, 2014 - 06:00. End: Wednesday, December 31, 2014 - 21:00.

Upcoming Events

Start: Saturday, February 13, 2016 - 10:00
End: Sunday, February 14, 2016 - 17:00

Start: Saturday, May 16, 2015 - 09:00
End: Saturday, May 16, 2015 - 16:00